A CYCLE pathway between Helensburgh and Cardross is still on the cards, and should be delivered in the next two years. Cardross Community Council heard on Monday from councillor Ellen Morton who explained it has taken years to get any progress on this project.

Councillor Morton said: "We should have this delivered over the next two years, it has been going on for so long.

"We [Helensburgh's councillors] persuaded officers and other members of the area committee that rather than not doing anything until we get all the money needed, that we try a phased approach. We have got money in place if want to buy land for the project.

"Waitrose has been obliged to do the bit in front of its site in Helensburgh. The bit from Waitrose into the town which will never be totally satisfactory will have road markings and linings. The money is there to do that through planning legislation." She explained as money becomes available, work to other bits of the pathway will be carried out.