THIS week's Councillor Column is written by Helensburgh Central councillor James Robb.

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* The proposed new leisure facilities on the pier car park as part of the Helensburgh Waterfront Project continues to inch forward.

It is still a matter of regret that the £5m from the UK Government was not used to enhance the project but allocated to Argyll projects instead.

The council still has large amounts of unspent reserves so project funding isn’t a problem.

The whole community needs to unite to press for the facilities we need and deserve and not let this critical development be restricted by what an arbitrary budget dictates.

* I enjoy the good natured banter with Councillor Mulvaney.

Last week he criticised the three local SNP members on the council for not supporting the Administration budget.

He knows that Councillor Trail and I were willing to support his budget.

With a solid majority of votes, the administration budget was always going to pass so we didn’t defy the SNP whip.

I always judge a proposal on its merit, not on who proposes it and despite the constraints always strive to reach the best consensus.

* Hermitage Academy continues to work hard on improvement and raising attainment and thankfully the unfair criticism has now abated.

Hermitage Academy Positive Parents support our school and appreciate that teachers, staff and parent volunteers go the extra mile for our children.

* Arrochar Primary School missed out on Pupil Equity Funding to close the attainment gap but no-body can possibly believe it is unaffected by rural poverty or the attainment gap. It’s not my ward but it seemed unfair.

I tried my best to get it some council funding to compensate but couldn’t get its local councillors to support the proposal.

* Do you vote for the person or the label in council elections?

The upcoming election will have multiple candidates from one political party in the Helensburgh and Lomond wards.

Independent candidates if elected have invariably joined a political group or incredibly a political party.

As no party will have an outright majority it is important we have councillors who can put aside the factional politics of the past and are willing to work together.