FIRST TEE NERVES FIRST tee nerves are not uncommon at any level in the game.

The feeling of pressure, expectation and a desire to do well can leave the golfer feeling afraid of making a mistake early in rounds.

So, try some of the following tips to help you conquer your nerves and make your first swing of the day a good one.

Visualisation: Try and picture in your mind, the exact type of shot you want to hit before you step onto the first tee.

Close your eyes and imagine the flight of the ball, hear in your mind your playing partners commenting on your good shot and try to picture yourself looking at the ball in the middle of the fairway.

Warm up routine: Make the last shot that you hit on the practise area before you play, the exact shot which you are going to play from the first tee.

Be sure to map out in your mind, or using markers on the practise area, a mock fairway to recreate the first hole.

Then go to the first tee with the confidence that you’ve just hit the exact shot which you intend to play – so there’s no reason why you can’t do it again.

Breathing: Take long and slow breaths as you approach the tee and begin your pre-shot routine.

This will help bring your heart rate down and relax you as you prepare for your round ahead.

There are many more ways that you can help control your nerves and emotions as you progress in your round.

Be sure to try the above the next time you play in your club medal or competition and you should see your results improve.

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