That apart, everything else remained the same in relation to all other standards, including quality of play, keenness of scoring, and customary camaraderie before, during and after the competition. The secret of success lies in contributory participation by both parties and this again proved to be the case with 10 handicapper Kevan MacLeod and Ben Canham playing off 22. It was a question of ‘cometh the hole, cometh the man’ and the resulting nine hole totals of 20 and 21 in the 41 point winning score produced the coveted hampers. In runner up position with a total of 40 points were Dave Tolhurst and junior convenor Phil Armstrong. Ian Bennett and Mark Fairley were third with Mark leading the way in the first half and Ian taking over on the run in from the turn.

On the day, the best team score of 247 was returned by Dave Tolhurst’s Green Labels. After adjustment of lowest scores, the same Green Labels took over in the league with a total of 666 points, followed by Tom Foster’s J & B’s on 664.

The day’s excellent result by Kevan MacLeod and Ben Canham catapulted them to the top of the team league where they were followed by Ray Ford/David Gordon on 53 and Dougie Singleton/John Gallacher on 52.