The day traditionally gives the club captain the chance to show his appreciation and thank club members — the event often attracts one of the biggest fields of the season and this year was no different.

Captain Alan Bell hosted the event as the club’s male members competed for three different trophies while the ladies also went toe to toe for a separate trophy.

Prizes were also awarded for ‘nearest the pins’ on the par three holes with club professional Fraser Hall organising a special event on the 11th which saw Linda Moffat winning 30 golf balls — one for each day of June.

On the course, for the competition the standard scratch score remained at 69 and 12 handicapper Alan Blackstock followed an outward half of 41 with a return half of 38 to submit the leading card in the Stableford format in the first class with a brilliant total of 38 points closely followed by match and handicap secretary Don Griffin (12) with a 37 point total.

In the second class Steven Scott, playing off 13, also returned a total of 38 points and in third class Bill McKeirnan playing off 89 to return a total of 42 points. Former club champion Fraser McCathie was also in fine form, recording a hole in one at the third — his third ace in the course of a brilliant golfing career which included playing in the Open Championship at Muirfield many years ago. Captain’s Day leading scores: First Class: 38 points: Alan Blackstock (12), 37 points: Don Griffin (12), Neil Thomson (6), 36pts: Alan Scott (4), Stephen Donald (7), Michael McKechnie (6), 34 points: John Fraser (10), David Gethin (8), 33: Kevan MacLeod (10), Alan Letham (11), David Reid (10): Ron McKay (12): Colin MacKenzie (8): Second Class: 38pts: Steven Scott (13), 37 points: Roy Nesbitt (14), 35 points: Stuart Buchanan (18), Walter Smith: (16), Alan Rankin (14), Graeme Biggar (19): Bill Lawler (16): Iain McKenna (13): Third Class: 42pts: Bill McKeirnan (26): 36pts: David McCallum (28), 35 points: Mick Bone (25), Donald Macdonald (23), 34 points Dereck West (21), 32: Paul Duerden (25), Danny Kemp (27).