Fraser Hall brought the changes with three man teams taking part but only the two best scores in the team counting for each hole.

Andy Bennett (14), Paul Duerdan (23) and John MacMillan (13) took first place with 58 points. A close second with 56 points were Ryan Phipps (15), Calub Phipps (12) and Colin Campbell (10) followed in third place by Roy Nesbitt (13) Bob Berry (17) and David Graham (19) with 52 points.

A calm, dry and sunny Sunday saw 100 players take part in the penultimate week of the Winter League. Once again we had a situation where past winners were in the mix.

The best score was 43 points recorded by Jim McKenzie (13) and substitute Stuart Graham (25). Winter League rules state players can only be awarded prizes once.

Since both Jim and Stuart have already won hampers and Jim has also already taken second place, both were unfortunately relegated in the prize list to third place, alas the price of repeated success.

Congratulations are also due to Stuart Graham for his hole in one on Sunday at the third. This was Stuart’s fourth ace in his golfing career.

Two pairs with 42 points were now contending for prizes, but with a better inward half, John Clink (11) and Bill MacDonald (11) came through to lift the hampers. John MacMillan (13) and Jack Myles (15) were awarded second place. Congratulations to both pairs.

In the eclectic, Terry Smith Snr/Carl Smith and Brian Walker/George Cairns are equal leaders with 54 points while four other pairs follow on their heels with 53.

As we approach next Sunday, the final day of this year’s Winter League, Tom Griffith’s team stride ahead with an impressive running total of 985 points followed by Don Griffin’s team with 941. One could speculate that Tom Griffith’s men are already more than likely League winners. On the other hand, golf is a game in which anything can happen.