A GLASGOW comedian is set to bring his new show - Like Father Like Son - to the Victoria Halls next week.

Scott Gibson, who had to cancel his last show in the town because he won the Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer, is excited to be back.

The new show is a story about his relationship with his father and what it means to be a dad.

Scott said: “As I’m now in my early 30s I am at the stage where my partner and I are thinking about children. To be honest I’m not sure If I’ll be a good dad or not, since I didn’t really have a father growing up.

“Again another heavy subject, considering my last show was about death, but trust me, it’s a funny show.

“I find it easy to look for the funny in darker subjects, or real life, if you want to call it that. So my shows may always be along the theme of when I talk about them people may say ‘well, that doesn’t sound funny’. You just got to trust me, I’ll find the funny.”

Scott was delighted with how well his show was received at the Fringe Festival in August, with sell out shows and additional shows, and is looking forward to seeing how a Helensburgh audience react.

He said: “I’m really looking forward to being back at Helensburgh. Every time I’ve played there you always get a great audience. It’s hard to explain – some places you play they are very cold to start and you almost have to ease them in, make them feel safe. Not in Helensburgh, no way.

“They always turn up ready to laugh, always in a good mood. Just very open, joyful people. I always laugh when I tell other comics that I take a tour show to Helensburgh and they always reply “Helensburgh?” Yep, Helensburgh. It’s the best secret in comedy.”

Scott started doing comedy in November 2010 and his first gig was at a pub in Glasgow. Since then he has gone from strength to strength and started full time in 2012.

The Glasgow comedian performed as support for Frankie Boyle for a number of years, giving him the opportunity to play in various venues.

At the start of this year Scott did his first ever UK tour, with 36 dates up and down the country.

He said: “It’s just crazy to me that a guy from Glasgow, who has never been to somewhere like Brighton before, can go there and sell out three shows. I love comedy and love performing so there really is no better job in the world, in my opinion anyway.

“There are a few things that help a comedian or comedy gig. A good venue can be one, good staff, a good show helps.

“But top of that list is the audience and believe me when I tell you Helensburgh are one of the best. No matter what happens over the coming years, I’ll always bring my tour show to Helensburgh, always.”

Scott will take to the stage with his new show in the Victoria Halls on Sunday, November 19 at 7.30pm.

For tickets, priced at £11, or more information visit www.scottgibsoncomedy.co.uk, seetickets.com or the Victoria Halls.