Piers Morgan believes the popularity of Boris Johnson is part of a backlash against “snowflake central”.

The Good Morning Britain presenter said the UK will see a rebellion against a politically correct worldview.

Morgan thinks British people will rebel against the PC mores they are “subjected to” and vote for alternatives.

General Election 2019
Prime Minister Boris Johnson represents an impulse against PC conventions, according to Morgan (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

He said that the rise of US President Donald Trump was a reaction these conventions, and that Prime Minister Johnson represented the same impulse.

Speaking at the ITV Palooza event in London, he said: “I represent the silent majority who are sick an tired of snowflake central and the PC culture that is now enveloping every part of our lives.”

He added on the reaction to this: “I think you’re seeing it everywhere.

“I think the rise of more populist kind of leaders, like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, is a complete reaction to this PC culture we’re now being subjected to.

“When you spend all your time telling people how to live their lives, the Brits that I know eventually go ‘enough’.”

Morgan would not divulge whether he thought Mr Johnson would win in the upcoming General Election, but said he would reveal his predictions after the vote.

The presenter attended the ITV Palooza event at the Royal Festival Hall in London, where he was joined by stars of the channel’s biggest shows.