Ozzy Osbourne is still recovering from a fall he suffered in February, his wife Sharon has said.

The rocker, 70, had an accident at home earlier this year, aggravating injuries from a near-fatal quad bike crash in 2003.

The latest injuries forced the former Black Sabbath star to reschedule dates on a European tour.

Sharon told Good Morning Britain: “He’s on the mend.

“He had that very, very bad fall in February of this year but he’s getting there, he’s getting better.”

Sharon was also asked about X Factor and her relationship with Simon Cowell.

It had been reported that she was axed as a judge on the 2018 X Factor over comments she had made about the show, but she later said it had been her decision to pull out of the programme.

Sharon said of Simon Cowell: “I’m talking but I haven’t spoken to him in so long, last May was the last time.

“Not this year but the year before. So it’s been a while.”

She added of Cowell’s appearance: “I think he looks absolutely great. The teeth are a bit big and one eye’s kinda droopy but I think he looks great.”