Jason Derulo has joked he has been causing “a lot of trouble in people’s homes” as they attempt to tie dye their clothes to mimic his and take on his TikTok dance challenge.

The singer has been a viral sensation on social media with his hit Savage Love and its accompanying dance routine, which has been recreated by stars including Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Jimmy Fallon.

He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “In creating the song, how it started, people were sharing their different cultures.

“I love that people were able to show who they are and where they are from, so (I’m) trying to continue on that same path and create a song that people can enjoy with their families and it’s been incredible to watch so many families around the world have been joining in on TikTok and off TikTok.

“I just love seeing people just having fun with their own. In these times, speaking of silver linings, just being at home with the people that you care about is a really special thing and TikTok is a big part of that.”

However, Derulo added that people’s enthusiasm for his tie-dyed jumper has caused some problems.

“I’ve been causing a lot of trouble in people’s homes apparently, the tie dye phenomenon, kids wanting to cook all these crazy milli-meals (another of his viral trends), parents are like: ‘No! Jason, stop!'”

Host Kate Garraway said she has been a victim of this phenomenon, saying Derulo is responsible for a “big stain on my carpet”.

She added: “Darcey, my daughter, loved it and really wanted to do it and ruined a bit of the carpet.

“We have now got a lot of tie dye going on in our house thanks to you.”