A CYCLIST was left lying unconscious at the side of the road after being knocked off his bike by a car.

Shaken Thomas Arthur says he feels lucky to be alive following his ordeal on Friday night.

The 24-year-old was cycling home along Colquhoun Square, in Helensburgh, when the vehicle collided into him and sped off without stopping.

He suffered a concussion and required a number of stitches after suffering lacerations to his face, elbow and leg.

Police are now appealing to the public for more information over the identity of the driver.

Thomas said: "I was wearing a high visibility jacket, a helmet and had lights on my bike, so the driver should have seen me - I'm glad to be alive." Stricken Thomas, of Adelaide Street in the town, is believed to have been lying on the road for around 10 minutes before a passer-by noticed him and immediately called for an ambulance.

He was taken to the Royal Alexandria Hospital in Paisley, where he was treated for his injuries and kept in overnight for observation.

Thomas added: "I decided to take a different route home that night because I was planning on going out in Helensburgh and wanted to see how busy it was.

"So I was cycling along and was bumped off my bike and don't remember anything else after that apart from waking up in hospital.

"The least the driver could have done is stop and help me and they could have admitted it was an accident.

"I'm sure the driver would have known if he hit me because he would have heard it.

"I would ask them to come forward and admit what they did." Thomas, who works at Tesco on East Clyde Street, was cycling home from Faslane, where he is also employed in the catering department.

He added: "My bike has, surprisingly, not come off too badly and the first thing I thought when I came to was 'is my bike OK'.

"I was a bit apprehensive about getting on my bike again but I'm not too bothered now and will just get on with it. It just needs some new spokes. I'm glad I was wearing a helmet or it could have been much worse." The incident happened at Colquhoun Square around 9.20pm while Thomas was heading towards the train station.

Helensburgh police are seeking information about the driver of the vehicle and believe the collision was unintended.

Anybody with information should contact officers at the station on 01436 633632.