Glasgow Airport has objected to the plans for five 86.5-metre turbines on Tom Na H Airidh hill, saying they would ‘interfere’ with radar systems.

As reported in the Advertiser last month, planning officials at Argyll and Bute Council have written to the developers – Helensburgh Renewables, Green Cat and Luss Estates – inviting them to withdraw the plan.

An email from the planning office suggested the plan should be withdrawn by the developers, saying of the airport objection: “This would seem a difficult one for you to address as they have advised that there is currently no technical mitigation to this problem.” However, a recent meeting between developers and Glasgow Airport has not stunted plans.

A spokeswoman for Helensburgh Renewables said: “Following our meeting with Glasgow Airport, the Helensburgh Renewables team is considering the output from the discussion to determine what, if any, amendments may be made to the application.” A spokeswoman for Glasgow Airport said: “Glasgow Airport is a vital part of Scotland’s infrastructure which support’s thousands of jobs across the West of Scotland.

“As the airport operators, we are legally obliged to protect the safe and efficient operation of airspace in the area.

“Some wind turbine developments could impact upon the operation of the airspace as they interfere with radar systems.

“We can often resolve these issues, but this is not always possible as is the case with the proposed wind farm.”