ANTI-NUCLEAR protesters have formed blockade on the road at the south gate of HMNB Clyde, disrupting traffic.

This morning, February 2, activists from Faslane Peace Camp issued a release stating from 6.30am five members of the camp had locked on to one another using arm tubes and formed a blockade on the road leading to the gates, "closing down" busy morning traffic.

The cutting team is understood to have arrived at the scene at 7am and started to work on the first lock-on arm tube.

However, activists are still understood to be blocking the traffic.

A spokesman for the Faslane Peace Camp said the tailback of traffic is understood to stretch from the north gate to beyond Shandon, a length of approximately two miles and increasing.

The action is a second protest to take place within a short time.

Both protests have been sparked by the revelation of the Royal Navy misfiring of a Trident II D5 ballistic missile from HMS Vengeance, last June.

Roxy Newton, activist, said in a statement: “It is baffling how the Conservatives are not being held to account over their blatant disregard for transparency and public interest.

"While there’s a conceivable argument surrounding national security, the fact that this information was held from elected representatives immediately prior to a crucial vote can’t be tolerated and certainly shouldn’t be ignored."

The Faslane Peace Camp, established in 1982, is a permanent protest camp dedicated to campaigning and protesting nuclear weapons.

The camp is located next adjacent to HMNB Clyde.