A NEW railway station at Shandon is part of the Ministry of Defence's 'wish-list' for the expansion of HM Naval Base Clyde.

The idea is still in its infancy, but it's thought that a station could play a major role in improving transport links to and from Faslane as part of the overall expansion of the base.

The plan was revealed after the signing of an agreement last week committing the MoD and community partners to working together to ensure the increase in the size of the base benefits both the additional personnel to be based on the Clyde and the wider Helensburgh and Lomond community.

Captain Craig Mearns, the base's commanding officer, said: "A railway halt at Shandon for the naval base could be very useful in attracting people who could travel to the base from both north and south.

"We're keen to talk about all aspects of transport provision to the base."

A station at Shandon, on the West Highland Railway between Glasgow and Fort William, was opened in August 1894, but it closed in 1964 as part of the UK-wide cuts to the rail network recommended by Dr Richard Beeching.

The single-track Station Road in Shandon still branches off the A814 just to the south of Faslane, though today it leads only to residential properties.

At present anyone travelling to the base by train has to journey to Helensburgh Central before completing the rest of the trip by road.

An MoD spokesperson added: "We are planning a workshop that will bring together transport providers and others with a contribution to make to developing transportation links to and from the area, for the benefit of Navy personnel and local communities."