A BESPOKE Vera Wang wedding dress was among the items left behind at Helensburgh’s Travelodge last year.

The dress shares a place on the budget hotel chain’s ‘Bizarre Left Behinds’ list for 2017 with a pair of Swarovski-encrusted wellies left by mistake in Edinburgh, a six-foot tall antique grandfather clock in Livingston, and a replica of Ben Nevis made out of shortbread and Dundee cake in Fort William.

Fortunately the wearer of the dress left behind at the Helensburgh Seafront Travelodge soon realised her mistake, and her maid-of-honour made a detour to pick up the dress so the bride-to-be could get ready at her wedding venue.

Travelodge spokeswoman Shakila Ahmed said: “This year’s inventory list includes land deeds and title to land in the Scottish Highlands, a replica of Nessie made from Irn Bru cans, a mother-in-law, a four-foot wedding cake designed like Ben Nevis made from shortbread and Dundee cake, and the keys to a Ferrari.”

In a news release the company said that one new bride staying at the Glasgow Queen Street branch only realised when she got home that she’d left her new mother-in-law behind.