CONSERVATIVE West of Scotland MSP and Helensburgh resident Maurice Corry has backed the introduction of a cancer education awareness programme in all schools in Scotland following a debate and reception at Holyrood.

The debate was spearheaded by Rona Mackay, the MSP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden, with support from Mr Corry, who attended a parliamentary reception at Holyrood hosted in partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust.

Mr Corry said: “Cancer is something that can affect us all, and is a constant battle within our society.

“Early diagnosis provides a hugely improved rate of survival and it is vital we ensure our young people are well educated on this subject.

“I couldn’t support these charities and organisations more in the work they undertake.

"It is extremely important that we see the Teenage Cancer Trust’s education and awareness programme rolled out across our secondary schools.”

The Teenage Cancer Trust is the only United Kingdom charity that is dedicated to providing expert care and support for young people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

They help young people and their families deal with the many ways cancer affects young people’s bodies, minds and lives.

The charity works in partnership with the NHS, providing expert staff and specialist units in principal treatment centres for cancer, and bringing young people together so they can support each other.

Opening last week’s debate in the Holyrood chamber, Ms Mackay said: “It is not just old people who get cancer.

“Every year in Scotland, about 200 young people are diagnosed with cancer and, although there have been improvements in survival, cancer in this age group remains a significant problem.

“This is the Year of Young People. Let us do what we can to empower young people to recognise the signs of cancer.

“Let this generation be more informed than we were, because that knowledge has the power to save lives.”