Today's rummage in the Advertiser archives features an event held 10 years ago this week, guiding local young people through personal and online safety.

Here's how we reported the news on May 8, 2008...

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School children have been given lessons on how to stay safe.

Youngsters from schools across Helensburgh and Lomond visited the Greenfields Army Training Camp in Garelochhead for a series of safety workshops organised by the emergency services.

The children were split into groups and moved round a circuit of interactive workshops, spending 15 minutes at each.

There were representatives from Strathclyde Police, the Argyll and Bute Home Safety department, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, the MOD Police, the Argyll and Bute GRAB Initiative and the British Transport Police.

Michelle Annandale, from Strathclyde Police community safety department, said: “Each group came up with a scenario to help teach the children something about safety. These kind of events work really well because there is a lot going on to keep the kids interested.

“They get a chance to become involved and ask questions. “It’s a good way of getting a lot across to them in a short space of time. They come and have some fun and take away an important message.”

Strathclyde Police did workshops on internet safety and drug awareness, and the children were told what details should never be given out over the internet.