Two women from Helensburgh have landed themselves invites to this weekend’s royal wedding.

Christine Johnstone and Veronica Bell were nominated to attend the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

The invitation was issued by the Lord Lieutenant of Dunbartonshire, Rear Admiral Michael Gregory OBE, for their charitable work with the Scouts and armed forces charity SSAFA.

Sadly Veronica won’t be able to attend due to family commitments – but Christine, 69, said she was “absolutely delighted” to be invited.

“I got more excited for it when the invites came through, because it all seemed real.

“You always think there might be a hitch but when they actually came through it became real.”

Christine has invited her friend Jean Riddington to attend the wedding with her on Saturday, May 19.

She told the Advertiser that one of the first things they have done since receiving the invites is shop for the perfect outfits and chairs.

“Jean’s very excited,” she said. “We both are.

“I have a dress for it and we have both sorted out what we are going to wear.”

And the prospect of having to take their own chairs and picnic with them to the event – the subject of some negative comment elsewhere in the media – doesn’t seem to have fazed Christine.

“They said to bring our own chairs,” she said, “but nothing too big, so we have been looking at camping chairs because they are easy to carry.

“They are having big screens up in the gardens and apparently you will have a really close view of the carriage precession as it goes past.

Christine added: “We are being allowed to see the inside of St George’s Chapel after the wedding, so we will see the decorations and flowers.”

Christine didn’t know she had been nominated to attend the wedding by the Lord Lieutenant of Dumbartonshire until she received an email saying she had been invited.

Owen Sayers, who nominated both the women, explained that the Lord Lieutenant was asked to select inspiring local people who help make a difference in the community.

Unfortunately, Veronica Bell is unable to attend the event on Saturday, May 19.

However, Mr Sayers added: “It’s just nice to get two people recognised.

“It is unusual perhaps that they both come from the same town but they both deserve to be selected.”

James Leatherby, branch chairman of SSAFA Dunbartonshire, said: “We are extremely pleased and proud that two volunteers of SSAFA Dunbartonshire have been recognised for the incredible work they do to support the Armed Forces community across Dunbartonshire.

“It is a credit to Christine and Veronica that they have been formally asked to join the royal wedding.

“We wish everyone a very special day.”