A DRUNKEN thug who attacked a ticket collector on a train to Helensburgh has been told by a sheriff “it’s make or break time” for him - either comply with court orders or go to prison.

Steven Gilmartin was in the dock at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Wednesday for a review of a community payback order (CPO) imposed following the incident on November 22 last year.

The 45-year-old was spared prison at an earlier hearing after he pleaded guilty to attacking the female staff member by seizing her by the neck.

He was ordered to carry out 160 hours of unpaid work by December and made subject to a four-month curfew, monitored by an electronic tag.

But when he returned to court this week, Gilmartin’s own lawyer admitted a progress report on the CPO was “disappointing”.

On his last court appearance, in March, a sheriff said he’d like to put Gilmartin in a room and force him to watch a video of his actions on a loop.

At that hearing, the court was told the ticket examiner had asked to see Gilmartin’s ticket, but couldn’t understand his reply because he was so drunk.

Gilmartin, the court heard, tried to get off the train while it was moving, and attempted to seize the ticket examiner’s money bag after grabbing hold of her neck.

The staff member left the carriage to alert the driver, but when she returned, Gilmartin began grabbing at other passengers’ bags and at one point threw the Buckfast bottle he was carrying.

When the train arrived at Helensburgh Central, Gilmartin, of Glavie Road in the Knightswood area of Glasgow, refused to get off, forcing staff to call police.

Colleagues were called to help, but Gilmartin grabbed a body camera from another ScotRail worker, causing it to fall to the platform and break.

At Wednesday’s review hearing, Gilmartin’s solicitor told Sheriff Maxwell Hendry: “It is a disappointing social background report.

“He has ongoing difficulties with alcohol and he recognises that.”

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry told Gilmartin: “You are making my job very simple. You just don’t comply with what you are being told to do.

“Your engagement is sporadic and occasional. That will just not do.

"If I see another report where you are not compliant then it’s prison.

“It is make or break time for you. It’s up to you which way you choose.”

A further review hearing was set for Friday, June 1.