REVISED plans for Helensburgh's waterfront development won't be made public until the end of next week, it's been announced.

Following news last week that a planned special meeting of local councillors to consider the plans, due to take place on June 8, had been cancelled, the Advertiser asked whether changes to the plans would be made public more than the standard seven days before the next meeting of the Helensburgh and Lomond area committee.

The committee will consider revised plans for the development, following more than 1,300 public comments on the original proposals, at its next regular meeting, on Thursday, June 21.

Helensburgh councillor Gary Mulvaney, policy lead on the waterfront development, said: “The council will be complying with the usual standing orders ahead of the meeting.

"Officers will be given the agenda and reports and these will be published in the usual manner."

Cllr Mulvaney praised members of the public for engaging with both Argyll and Bute Council's pre-application consultation on the plans and Helensburgh Community Council's survey on the proposals.

“We have had over 1,300 comments and survey returns and we want to give the due regard to all of them," he continued.

"We had 1,100 responses through the community council and 200 from elsewhere.

“We didn’t have enough time to go through them all in the time we had before the meeting, and we would rather have a few days to get it right.

“It is an excellent return from the public. There have been many significant projects which haven’t had that level of public engagement, so we warmly welcome the responses we have had.

“We will look at them all, pick them up and digest them ahead of the meeting on June 21.

"Once the meeting has taken place, the application will go in [for planning permission] straight after that.

“We have to look at the overall project. The critical aspect is that it will open when we say it will open, and a few extra days to stage the meeting will not make any difference to the building opening in a couple of years.”

The waterfront project’s plans include the delivery of a new leisure centre and swimming pool, as well as creating a new link to and from Colquhoun Square.

The public’s responses were collected during a process which ran from Monday, February 26 to Friday, May 18.

According to the project timeline the new pool is due to open in July 2021.