The community council has started the replacement of the shrubs in Colquhoun Square and as usual we are indebted to volunteer support both in the planting and the generous considerations of local business; the provision of water for the plants from the Sugar Boat, Costa’s iced coffee and the continuing watering detail for the plants offered by the Coffee Club. Wonderful collaborative stuff.

In contrast to this community spirit and cohesion, we were confronted on the day by a selection of dog mess on the grass areas of the square – a public space, advertising the town.

The contrast between those who support the town and those who appear to be uncaring is stark and disappointing. It is disgraceful in this modern day and age that the public spaces in the town are blighted by uncaring dog owners.

Our public spaces, notably our parks, deserve better and it is time that we as a community took the matter in hand and became proactive in sorting out this disgusting practice.

The community council was greatly heartened by the community response to our recent survey on the new leisure centre proposal for the pierhead.

The results of our survey are available in the town library and on our website and the Advertiser has covered them already. We are also very happy to answer any questions you may have through our website.

The importance of such a survey is that it establishes the authority of Helensburgh Community Council to represent the interests of the community to Argyll and Bute Council, and raises your collective voice to a level where it will be heard and taken account of.

Despite a notable effort in filling 18 of the 20 community councillor slots in the recent elections, we are still short of two councillors to fill our establishment.

We welcome people who care about the town and have an ambition to make Helensburgh the best it can be. Please consider helping us.