A DRAG queen from Helensburgh has received the Hollywood seal of approval for his make-up tributes to iconic horror films.

Lawrence Chaney decided to dedicate each day in May to dressing as a movie villain to mark the start of his six month countdown to Halloween, and posting the results on Instagram.

The 21-year-old started working on his looks in mid-April, with the self-taught make-up artist doing his own hair, make-up and even sewing his own costumes.

Lawrence told the Advertiser: “A lot of the time I had to stay up really late and get up really early.

“I’m still very tired but I hope that shows my drive and how much effort I put into it.”

And all his hard work paid off when a host of the world’s biggest film stars voiced their approval with the likes of James Wan, Neve Campbell and Doug Jones showing their support by liking his pictures.

He said: “Darren Aronofsky, who is the director of Black Swan, liked one of the pictures.

“I remember I picked up my phone and saw his name.

“I was like ‘wow, that’s crazy’.

“James Wan commented on one of the pictures and said it was ‘rad’, which was pretty cool too.”

The former Hermitage Academy pupil explained that it was surreal to have so many likes on Instagram and to have his photos shared by celebrities.

Blumhouse Productions, the firm behind horror hits Happy Death Day, The Purge and Get Out – also shared his image of their famous baby mask.

Lawrence added: “It was so nice to have a huge production company repost my work – they see the best of the best, so to be highly regarded by them means a lot.”

“I’m 21, so I’m quite young and for all that to happen to someone from Helensburgh is always very strange. It makes it seem like it’s not such a big world.”

Lawrence performs every week at the Polo nightclub in Glasgow.