The Rosneath Highland Gathering has seen a drop in visitors this year due to miserable weather and major sporting events taking place on the same day.

It fell on the same day as the final of the World Cup and the Wimbledon final meaning organisers saw less visitors pass through the gates.

The secretary of the Gathering Committee told the Advertiser: "The rain, the football and the tennis finals meant we were down at the gate but you just need to go with it, there's always next year and hopefully the weather will be good then.

"It wasn't nearly as busy as last year because of the weather. I couldn't believe it after the preparation we went through."

Despite the first rain showers in weeks, up to 1,000 went along to the event to take part in sporting events including the hill race, cycling or running events and enjoy the piping competition.

They were also treated to the Solo Piping Championships which saw Annie Ferguson, Alasdair Huxtable, Bobby Allen and Tomas Young receive awards.

She added: "We were pleased with how it turned out on the day.

"The committee would also like to thank all our sponsors, supporters who helped set up for the event and all the visitors who came along."

And there was plenty for the children to do on the day with rides, games, races and a Birds of Prey stall keeping them busy.

Various food stands and stall holders, including a Christmas shop and jewellery artists sold pieces on the day.

Captain Mearns said: "It was a great honour and pleasure to be the Chieftain of the Rosneath Games again this year. This was my third year in this role and again I was struck by the friendliness of everyone I met, the keenness of the competition and the dedication of the organising committee.

"It is wonderful to be part of such a vibrant local event and I will be doing all I can to encourage continued support for future years." The fact that Sunday’s games was a success despite some gentle rain and minor distractions such as the World Cup Final and men’s Wimbledon Final is a clear indication that the Games has a strong support base, is very popular with the local community and competitors and has a bright future."