A local dog trainer is set to host an event with a popular American trainer in Garelochead.

Roddy Kirk, who is from the village, usually runs one-to-one sessions giving people advice to tame their pet, however, he also teams up with well-known dog trainers from across the world to share tips.

In September, Roddy, the owner of Be Pack Leader, will be hosting the Real World of Obedience event alongside Blake Rodriquez in September.

The former Hermitage Academy pupil said: “Blake’s great. He’s in New York, so having someone travel all the way over to do a seminar is wonderful.

“These kind of seminars are held throughout the world and allow members of the public, dog owners, dog walkers, dog trainers and people that have problems with their dogs to come and observe and take notes or they can bring their dogs along.

“It’s not a fake environment, it’s real life with real life problems and we will show them how to solve with their own dogs.

He added: “It’s an approach so carefully thought out, that it attracts not only people struggling with their dogs behaviour, but as a result attracts many new dog owners and people with happy go lucky dogs and puppies.”

Roddy explained that he is also delighted that the two-day event is taking place in Garelochead.

“I wanted to host it somewhere that will help the community too because there will be people coming to stay in the hotels so it all helps.

“We have people from England and Europe coming for it. There’s a couple from France coming so that will give them a chance to see Garelochead and hopefully that means that they will visit again.”

The event is due to take place on Sunday, September 2 and Monday, September 3 in the Gibson Hall Community Centre.

To buy tickets or for more information visit the event page on Facebook by searching for Blake Rodriquez - Real World Obedience.