Members of the Helensburgh Photography Club have been out capturing photos for one of the club's most recent challenges.

Richie Hannah, a volunteer at The Tower Digital Arts Centre co-manages the group with Ksenia Fedoseyeva, he said: "These photos are from our Aperture Challenge, where we use specific apertures to control depth of field - how out of focus or blurry the foreground or background is.

"As well as taking photos solo, we met as a group on the pier. We got lucky and had so many interesting subjects to shoot - the dramatic sunbeams in the sky, a kayaking group that was resting then moved off to Greenock, lots of birds, and monks from the Dhammakaya Buddhist Centre in their striking orange outfits."

The next meeting is on Tuesday, August 14 and meetings take place fortnightly at 7.30pm in The Tower Digital Arts Centre and their upcoming topics include animals and postcards from Helensburgh. As well as practical challenges, the group has technical discussions and demonstrations and are planning to host a guest speaker soon.

The group is free to attend.