The Oak Tree Gallery have been welcoming visitors to their first Junior Art Club exhibition.

Young artists from the club recently put their work on sale at the East King Street venue and have been enjoying the attention as keen buyers snapped up their work.

And it was a particularly memorable night for nine-year-old Lola Graham-West after MP Brendan O'Hara bought one of her pieces.

Dawn Perry, from The Oak Tree Gallery, said: "Her little face was a picture when he asked her if he could purchase her painting, I've never seen her smile so much. A great boost to her confidence and a great start to an artists career, thats what its all about and what the club is about. Giving young artists a chance to experience the tremendous feeling when someone not only appreciates their artwork but also wishes to purchase it."

Dawn also congratulated the other talented artists who sold their first paintings on the night.

"I am so proud of our young artists who handled their very first Exhibition so so well. None of them knew fully what to expect and were understandably very nervous.

"This soon changed when the red dots started appearing on pictures.

"Folks visiting the Gallery have been completely bowled over at the quality of work from these youngsters ranging from the age of 6 This is no ordinary exhibition of children’s artwork. A must see, don't be fooled by the word junior."

The money raised through the exhibition will go towards purchasing medals and trophies for an end of year awards ceremony in 2019 and any extra money will be used to buy art materials and pay guest tutors.

The exhibition runs until 25th August contact the gallery for viewing times.

For more details contact Dawn Perry at 01436 672132 or email