This week's Community Column is written by West of Scotland Conservative MSP, and Helensburgh resident, Maurice Corry.

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We have a pretty effective learning support system throughout our primary and secondary schools to ensure those requiring additional help get the assistance they require.

Unfortunately, once a young person’s secondary schooling ends, those who require that support are suddenly left with the bare minimum of the help they may require to get through college. Or, worse, completely without that help at all.

I am starting a campaign to raise awareness of this important issue and I hope to encourage cross-party support for it in the Scottish Parliament.

People with attention ADHD, dyslexia and other conditions that could have an impact on their ability to learn should not be disadvantaged in continuing their studies, and it is incredibly important that the support is there when needed.

As a nation we have many successful individuals with these difficulties – Jackie Stewart, who grew up in Dumbarton, is a local example, who is also championing the need for proper support for people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

We need to ensure our young people do not feel abandoned upon leaving secondary school and that they have the ability and support required to allow them to progress into whatever field they desire.

These individuals are missing out on opportunities through no fault of their own. I am working on this through the cross party group for dyslexia at Holyrood, and will continue to do so.

For many years the skating pond at the top of Sinclair Street has become rather neglected.

Earlier this year I was approached with a proposal to transform it, which I fully support. This could see model boat racing and an area for stone skimming competitions along the northern edge as a couple examples.

It is an area people stop to walk from or two, relax and get some fresh air. It would be great to see it reach its potential.

Hopefully with the enthusiasm shown by stone skimmer Alex Lewis, along with the suport of the community and Argyll and Bute Council, we can see the pond transformed, and encourage more events to take place in Helensburgh.