This week's Community Column is written by Norman Muir, convener of Helensburgh Community Council.

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MAKING PLACES: Argyll and Bute Council have recently conducted a consultation in conjunction with the Scottish Government on examining and maximizing the attributes of the town, such as our waterline along the Clyde.

The firm of architects, Ice Cream Architects, is in the process of compiling a report and we will advertise it once it is produced.

The draft contains some interesting ideas and should get us thinking as a community of the use of the potential leisure space that will take shape as the waterfront project develops in the future.

VOLUNTEERING: A volunteering ethos is beginning to develop in the town and we want to keep this going as an effort that supports the many agencies who do such good work. It is important that organisers of such events make the details known and are present when volunteers show up to make sure they feel valued and have a useful function to undertake.

FLY POSTING: The HCC recently spent some time cleaning the lamp posts in the Square of old sellotape used to fix posters over the years. The mess was very unsightly and took much effort to clean.

Only the posts at the junction of Sinclair Street and Princes Street remain to be cleaned. So, if you see anyone using sellotape to fix their posters on lamp posts tell them to use string instead!

LETTERS: The letters column of the Advertiser sometimes carries letters from individuals or agencies with limited association with the town.

It is a shame that local folk do not use this valued means of communication exchange to make their own point of view known, or to help remedy matters that need attention. It is a matter of sharing knowledge and experience for the benefit of the community.

WATERFRONT: Comments on the planning application (18/01614/PP) can be accessed via the ABC website under ‘planning applications’. Comments should be submitted by September 6.