Our columnist Ruth Wishart writes about the split in opinion over Flamingo Land's development proposals for the shores of Loch Lomond.

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There are now two distinct and very vocal camps involved in the debate over the proposals to develop Flamingo Land on the shores of Loch Lomond.

Those in favour point to the fact that the land in question is currently less than bonny, and that the project would bring much needed employment.

Those opposed see it as an opportunity to turn one of Scotland’s internationally renowned beauty spots into a home for a theme park and yet more retail outlets. And they see that prospect as a blight on the landscape.

There are sound arguments to be made on both sides – and there are always dangers in those who don’t live in an area presuming to know what’s best for those who do.

My own reservations are based on what I’ve gleaned about Flamingo Land’s current presence in Yorkshire.

I can quite see the attraction of a theme park offering all kinds of rides and games for family holidays. But Loch Lomond just doesn’t seem the right location for it.

In a sense this is about that much loved marketing word, “brand”. Loch Lomond’s world-wide reputation is build around beauty and tranquillity – getting away from it all.

Damage that and in the longer term you might lose much more than you gain from the wrong sort of development.