A popular Helensburgh pub is proving to be the "purrfect" location for a new regular who just can't stay away.

The Clyde Bar is the new 'local' for a mystery cat that turned up at the door one night – and stayed.

The black tabby, which dropped in near closing time last Tuesday and immediately curled up on a chair, has become a firm favourite with the bar's customers and staff.

However, when bar owner John Rapallini tried to trace the owner, he discovered that the mystery moggie was well known for its pub-going habits. And not just in Helensburgh, but also in that other Argyll town famous for its hostelries – Campbeltown.

The cat's colourful past was uncovered when John tried to trace its owner by posting its picture on the pub's Facebook page.

John said: "We had few people contact us saying it was theirs, but when they came along to the bar to check they realised it was a different cat.

"Then the rightful owner did turn up and that's when the full story of the cat came to light."

John said that the cat had been owned by a lady in Campbeltown who, sadly, had died.

But rather than being a true house cat, this one liked to wander, and it would visit various Campbeltown pubs, where it was well known by the regulars who would feed it.

A Helensburgh couple who were friends with the lady collected the cat from Campbeltown and brought it to their home where they have several others.

However, the Campbeltown cat apparently did not like the company of the Helensburgh felines, and it soon scarpered.

John said: "Last Tuesday night, we noticed a cat on our CCTV. It was running towards Sinclair Street, but a girl with a bag of chips stopped to give it something to eat as it looked hungry.

"This was right outside the Clyde Bar, and one of the regulars opened the door and the cat came in. Someone tried to shoo it out, but the rest of the customers booed – they wanted it to come in.

"The cat then jumped up on a chair and made itself at home."

Realising that the cat wouldn't settle in its intended Helensburgh home with the other moggies, an agreement was reached that John should take ownership of the cat.

He had it checked by a vet who discovered it had been neutered and was in good health.

Now having emigrated to Helensburgh, the Campbeltown cat has been named 'Brook', after the customer who first let it thought the pub door.

John, who has owned cats in the past, has now made a home for the new pet in his flat above the bar.

But, more often than not, she is to be found in the bar itself.

John added: "Brook is a right wee character. She is a true wanderer and sometime disappears for hours on end, but always comes back.

"She is obviously used to being in pubs and often goes to sleep under the pool table. She is quite at home, even with people drinking and moving around.

"This morning she was even chasing the cleaner's mop."