This week's Councillor Column is written by Iain S. Paterson, SNP councillor for Lomond North.

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What a fantastic summer we have had, although I cannot believe how quickly it has gone by!

The Dunbritton housing project in Succoth, Arrochar, is almost complete and I look forward to meeting new residents, some of whom I have already assisted in securing tenancy.

Arrochar is a great place to live and raise a family. We have an excellent medical practice with first-class staff and doctors, and a superb primary school with dedicated teachers and staff for whom the wellbeing of pupils is paramount.

I wish all new residents well and I am sure they will enjoy being part of this excellent community.

On a more contentious note, I have been inundated with emails and calls regarding the plans for an eye-watering increase of 800 per cent per day in charges to use the Glen Loin car parks.

I was aware of council approval for a rise, but not that it would be so high in Arrochar.

I simply cannot support the penalisation of users – in particular hill-walkers – who will now see their daily rate rise from £1 to £9. Yes, the council must raise revenue, but Arrochar car parking now appears to be unjustly targeted in comparison to nearby areas.

The car parks at Tarbet and Firkin Point are both free; the charges at those in Inveruglas and Rowardennan are £4 per day. All have public toilets, which Arrochar still lacks. My colleagues and I will challenge Argyll and Bute Council to come up with a more acceptable proposal.

I have also been asked about reduction of the high road traffic collision rate on the A82 and A83. I am a great believer in average speed cameras, which are proven to cut deaths and injuries by as much as 70 per cent.

For example: Old Dalkeith Road in Edinburgh, used by an average of 15,000 vehicles per day. Prior to the installation of cameras, around 9,000 of those 15,000 daily drivers were breaking the speed limit. After camera installation: a drastic reduction to an average of only two per day, with no injuries reported in the last year!

I have recently had dialogue with the Scottish transport minister regarding the A82/A83 and was informed that Transport Scotland has an annual site prioritisation exercise under way. Survey equipment has now been put in place and I look forward to the outcome in hope that it may kick-start the process of implementing a system similar to that of Old Dalkeith Road.

In conclusion, may I wish a very happy 10th birthday to my wonderful son, Coll!