AN AWARD-WINNING local photographer is appealing for volunteers to help with her latest creative project.

Kathryn Polley from Helensburgh is looking to expand her ‘Town Jewels’ project, which is based in and around the town and focuses on shops and businesses in the area.

Kathryn spent two days in March last year photographing buildings on Clyde Street as they existed at that time, although the project is not limited to this location and she will be updating the work to reflect the changing face of the seafront.

The Glasgow School of Art graduate and 2017 winner of the Jill Todd Photographic Award would also like to feature portraits of and stories or memories from the business owners themselves and is hoping to get the word out to anyone who may be interested in taking part.

She explained: “The project is called Town Jewels after a comment I read online about the seafront being the ‘jewel in Helensburgh’s crown’, and I would very much like to see the work published as a book at some point.

“Part of my motivation is to get to know some of the people behind the shop facades and really embrace a sense of community.

“I want to celebrate the work they do and understand some of the difficulties that they face in these times of economic uncertainty.

“I hope it will be a positive piece of work, but also honest and I would love to make contact with any of the business owners who might be interested in taking part or perhaps would like some more information.”

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