HELENSBURGH’S very own stone skimming specialist Alex Lewis was delighted to win the team event at the recent World Championships on Easdale Island, near Oban.

The 21-year-old took the top prize with his team Init 2 Skim It but was left frustrated at narrowly missing out on another pole position, as he finished third in the men’s category.

The tournament took place on Sunday, September 23 and while Alex was pleased with his overall performance, he still felt he could do better.

He said: “It went really well. I was the best thrower in the first round and hit the back wall twice, the only person to do so.

“The winds picked up in the second round and unfortunately I got two no throws which, due to the cumulative totals, was only good enough for third place in the men’s.

“It was a bit disappointing, but it was a really good event.

“There’s four of us in the team and I’ve been with them for the last three years, so it was really fantastic for us to win that.”

Alex improved on last year’s effort, when he finished in fourth, and also broke the competition record in the British Stone Skimming Championships with a throw of 107m in 2017.

He says the recent showpiece proves the art of stone skimming is continuing to attract more followers.

He added: “It’s absolutely growing in popularity. You can see that from the numbers who competed in the men’s category, about 200, and there were around 350 people taking part overall.

“I’m looking forward to the Welsh Open event next May.”