PUPILS at Hermitage Academy put on an “extremely well received” performance of Thoroughly Modern Millie over three successful nights last week.

Friends, families and guests were well entertained by the senior school’s production of the stage musical.

Pamela Frew, the school’s head of music, was delighted by the success of the play and said: “This show was a stark contrast with last year’s contemporary production of We Will Rock You (school edition) and was a real challenge for the cast both musically and in terms of choreography.

“It was, however, a challenge they rose to.”

The role of Millie was played by S6 student Natalie Rogers with S4 student CJ George as her love interest Jimmy.

Other principle roles included Miss Dorothy, Millie’s best friend, played by Zamira Pinder of S4, Mrs Meers, the villain of the piece, played by Anna Sherry of S5, and Ching Ho and Bun Foo, her sidekicks, played by William Graham of S4 and James Grant of S3.

Millie’s boss Trevor Graydon was played by Scott McGinlay of S5 and the famous singer Muzzy Van Hossmere, who also happens to be Jimmy and Dorothy’s stepmother, was played by S6 student Loren Mackie.

Ms Frew added: “Highlights of the show included some superb performances by the principal characters and fabulous choreography, particularly by our tap dancing stenographers Katie Ward, Jamie Turner, Erin Ferguson, Lindsay Cormack, Kirsty Williamson, Catriona Gammons, Katriona Lowther, Natasha Gharib, Grace Charlton, Cara Robertson and Elizabeth Swain.

“This was supported by a strong chorus and resulted in a very successful production.”

As these photographs show, the pupils worked hard towards putting on a fantastic performance for their audience.

Pictures by Tim Berrall Photography.