NAVY personnel at HMNB Clyde braved the inclement weather to applaud stalwart Commander Jane Allen through the base on the latest leg of an epic walk around the coastline of the British mainland.

The officer, who recently retired after 37 years of service with the Royal Naval Reserve, was given special dispensation to walk through the navy’s home in Scotland and received a warm welcome from staff who presented her with a bouquet of flowers from the chaplaincy.

She passed through to the skirl of bagpipes from a piper with a large crowd ignoring the rain on Maidstone Road to cheer the former reservist on.

Jane set off from HMS Victory in Portsmouth on Trafalgar Day last year, heading anti-clockwise on foot, with her husband and former Royal Marine Frank supporting her.

She set herself the challenge during her first year of retirement, determined to raise money for the RNRMC and Women’s Royal Naval Service Benevolent Trust.

Her goal is to raise £50,000 split between the two charities, with the total so far nearing £9,000.

The main drag through Faslane accounted for little more than a mile and a half of Jane’s odyssey which currently stands at 3,300 miles walked, with around 2,200 to go before she arrives back in Portsmouth.

We will have more on the trip in next week’s Advertiser.