PLANS for a boutique bed and breakfast at Craigendoran Pier have taken another twist after the proposals had to be resubmitted.

Argyll and Bute Council’s planning department has received a new set of plans for the development, which was first mooted for planning permission in May.

The layout of the building has changed from the previous application, with the guest wing now behind the main area instead of to the side, supported off the edge of the pier.

The planned B&B, named ‘Go Coastal’ also has a sloping roof as opposed to a flat one. It is hoped that, should the plans by Corstorphine and Wright Architects come to fruition, that the B&B could house kayaking facilities.

The revised planning and access document reads: “Using one wing as guest sleeping positioned on the site to have westerly aspect, and the east wing for the owner living/private space, the two elements are connected by guest social space.

“The private and guest elements are the same profile mirrored with the buffer zone in the middle resolving the transition from peak to trough of the elements.

“The site is special. Reclaimed land with incredible timber piers reaching out into the Clyde. The building has been designed to take account of consultee responses to site the building entirely on the original reclaimed ground of the railway and steamer dock.

“The building facade bursts open toward the 180 degree views across the Clyde looking West with large format windows and sliding doors. A nook at the end of the principal guest corridor frames the view North toward Helensburgh.”

The original application, which also included steel containers for kayak equipment storage and car parking facilities, was originally submitted to the council last December.

It was validated in May, but was withdrawn on Tuesday, September 25 after changes to the layout of the proposed property.

In July, Helensburgh Community Council submitted a letter to the local authority which welcomed the application, but expressed concerns.

The letter, by Nigel Millar of the planning group, said: “The applicant is to be congratulated on a building of unashamedly modern design which is both distinctive and does justice to its prominent site.

“Craigendoran Pier was once a thriving and bustling pier for Clyde steamers up until the 1960s. This facility will go some way in bringing this back to life.

“Helensburgh Community Council strongly welcomes this application.”

But Mr Millar added: “Much of the proposed site is reclaimed land and/or infill. Consequently there has been a notable fall in the height of the area in preceding years as the material used has compacted.

“Does the application take this into consideration?”

A decision is expected from Argyll and Bute Council by Christmas. The updated plans can be viewed at under planning number 18/02170/PP.