WEST of Scotland MSP Maurice Corry raises the issue of ScotRail's recent poor service in the Helensburgh and Lomond area in this week's community column.


THE SNP Government has been encouraging more of us to use public transport, and quite rightly so.

The issue, however, lies with their management of the services. Our train services could not be much more of a disaster. If they’re running, they are mostly late, and if they’re not late, they are cancelled completely or skipping stations to ‘fudge’ figures and catch up time.

This issue has been raised repeatedly within Parliament and in letters sent to ScotRail, Abellio and the Cabinet Secretary for Transport. The replies come back, with plenty of excuses, yet action isn’t taken to address the ongoing problems.

Constituents have been writing to me constantly about repeatedly being late for work, with pay being docked, and others missing hospital appointments. It is simply unacceptable, especially since ticket prices have risen. I suppose we can add transport to the list of failing public services in Scotland since the SNP came to power.

Sometimes wrong operators are awarded contracts, like the Kilcreggan ferry. There, after sustained pressure, we succeeded in a new contract being awarded. Let’s hope the SNP Government will realise the incompetence of our rail service and take immediate and drastic action to provide the service the people of Scotland deserve.

Every year we get the opportunity to pay our respects and remember those who sacrificed themselves for our future, this year was even more special marking the 100th anniversary of World War 1.

I had the privilege of laying a couple of wreaths throughout the day and attending a remembrance concert in the Submarine Centre. If anyone made it up before 6am ,they would have experienced pipers playing in various places, which was a moving tribute.

After a long time planning these various events, it was great to see everyone’s hard work pay off. The day was full of fitting tributes to those who came before us and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and future. Thank you to everyone involved.