SENDING your kids to school doesn’t have to be a leap into the unknown – as one peninsula primary school is currently trying to prove.

Parents of pupils at Rosneath Primary School are being given a regular insight into what goes on in the classroom as a result of its Parent Partnership Programme.

Established by head teacher Emma McDiarmid, the initiative provides a support network for families and encourages them to visit the school regularly.

Emma is now on maternity leave, but acting head teacher Gregor Morrison is continuing to help the scheme evolve.

He said: "Emma had heard about other schools doing similar things and wanted to introduce them here.

"It has been running for a couple of years but it has only been fully operational for about a year or so. It has made quite an impact.

"We have seen a lot of positives. The kids seem happier and are attending more, and the key priorities for our school are being met.

"We really just invite parents in on a regular basis – we open our door with no barrier.

"Parents have maybe had a negative experience at school themselves but we try to let them see that it is a positive experience here.

"They get to see their children having fun as well as learning and they know they can approach us and they are not alone.

"We hold parents’ nights and regular workshops on adult learning services. We just want to get the door open as much as possible."

Among the elements of the programme are parents and carers helping to develop cooking skills with their children, and talking about the importance of health and nutrition.

The school also visits the community library three times a week, which has seen an increase in the number of parents visiting with their kids.

Mr Morrison added: "We want parents to feel their children are in a good place, and we also look to other families in the area and invite them to speak to us.

"We try to engage with families if we notice that attendance has fallen and look at early intervention to get them on board.

"But if they feel it is not something they are interested in, we don’t force it upon them.”

Councillor George Freeman said: "I am delighted to see Rosneath Primary School lead the way in building links with their local community.

"This can only benefit the school and the community but, more importantly, the young children who depend on the school for providing them with the early years education that will be so important to them as they mature.

"I believe that it is essential that all primary schools build up close relationships with the communities that they serve throughout Argyll and Bute.

"Although a number of our schools work closely with their communities, I believe that more can be done that can help to build a stronger community spirit and can encourage parents and carers to become more involved in their children’s education.

"Rosneath Primary has seen an increase in the number of parents taking an active involvement in the school and what certainly has to be welcomed and encouraged.

"This is a win win situation and all those at Rosneath Primary are to be congratulated on taking this initiative forward."