HELENSBURGH Community Council has created a new online survey to seek the community’s view on a critical aspect of the town’s waterfront development.

Argyll and Bute Council’s planning committee voted last month to postpone a decision on the waterfront application to seek clarity on the flooding risk to the building.

Peter Brown, vice-convener of Helensburgh Community Council (HCC), said: “The present application sites the leisure centre right at the seaward end of the car park. The planning committee heard that the proposed sea defences will only defend the building until 2030 and, given the new UK climate change information that was published at the end of November, even that is uncertain.

“HCC has suggested throughout the planning process that moving the leisure centre away from the seafront will allow the building to be properly protected and could reduce the amount spent on the flood defences.

“In just 24 hours, we have received 400 responses. We are delighted with the level of engagement.

“We will keep the survey open until the end of this week and then provide the results to Argyll and Bute Council.”

The online survey can be completed at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/waterfrontlocation.