SCOTLAND'S top law officer says it's still not possible to say when a decision might be made about legal proceedings over the fatal fire at Cameron House Hotel.

In a letter to Helensburgh's MSP, Jackie Baillie, the Lord Advocate, James Wolffe QC, says that the inquiry into the blaze, which killed hotel guests Simon Midgley and Richard Dyson in December 2017, is still ongoing and investigations, led by the Crown and Procurator Fiscal Service, are continuing under the direction of the Senior Advocate Depute.

The letter also explains that inquiries into incidents of this nature generally require detail and lengthy investigation.

Mr Wolffe told Ms Baillie: "A decision as to whether there should be a prosecution can be made only when the investigations are complete and final reports have been submitted by Police Scotland and others to the Crown.

“Inquiries into this incident are ongoing, and final reports in respect of this investigation have not yet been received.

“There are regular meetings between the various agencies involved; and the procurators fiscal assigned to this investigation maintain regular contact with Police Scotland.

“Given the nature of this complex investigation, it is not possible at this stage to say when any decision as to future proceedings will be taken.”

Police Scotland has appointed family liaison officers the families of Simon Midgley and Richard Dyson, who tragically lost their lives in the fire, informed about the progress of the investigation.

Both families have also been offered meetings with the Senior Advocate Depute who is overseeing the investigation.

Ms Baillie said: “The Cameron House fire had a devastating impact on our own community, my thoughts have always been with the families of the two men who tragically lost their lives in the fatal incident.

“While I understand the frustration felt by everyone that there are no answers more than a year after the fire, I am also confident that the Police, Crown Office and all other agencies involved are doing everything that they can to ensure that the investigations are as thorough as possible.

“It is right that the victim’s families and our community can have our questions answered but I believe that it is right that the investigations are given the time and space that they need to find out what happened that day.

“I am grateful to the police and Crown Office for ensuring that the victim’s families are kept updated with the enquiries.”