PUPILS at Lomond School in Helensburgh have taken part in a series of workshops aimed at improving attainment and productivity thanks to the 'Tree of Knowledge' organisation.

Promoting the importance of fun and working within a broad range of learning environments, Tree of Knowledge have helped over 1,000,000 young learners, students, teachers and employees to improve their attainment and productivity to deliver sustainable learning outcomes.

Transitus pupils (P6 and P7) enjoyed a course entitled Who Needs A Cape? : a fun and highly interactive workshop that takes on a superhero slant.

It helped pupils realise that they all have the skills and abilities to be super: creativity, logic, rteamwork and physical attributes.

Putting pupils to the test on a range of key superhero skills, allowed them to begin to build their own ‘superhero’ profile, identify what sort of hero they naturally are, and find any areas they need to work on. With a focus on the importance of determination and effort, this course left pupils feeling empowered as they realised you don't need a cape to be a superhero.

S4 took part in Laugh in the Face of Exams which was a fun, motivational experience packed full of inspirational tips for students about coping with exam pressures.

Designed to inspire self-belief, to evoke positive and productive attitudes, and to increase aspirations and exam performance, the pupils were led through a lively, entertaining and ultimately very helpful workshop.

The session covered a range of study skills that pupils can use in the run up to their exams along with memory techniques; relaxation tips; an understanding of stress and the ‘fight or flight’ response, and the positives of mental rehearsal.

Encompassing a wide range of learning styles, it left S4 with new, fun skills and increased motivation to help them during the prelim exam period and beyond.

Building on their session last year, S5 participated in Reach for the Power, a course packed full of powerful messages designed for a powerful impact.

Designed to provide a further insight into the science of motivation, mindsets, attitudes, communication, it demonstrated, through a series of interactive challenges, how these factors affect future events.

Learners are inspired to consider what is truly important to them and to take positive action to achieve this.

S6 pupils were left feeling confident and empowered after their session, Intriguing Futures, which is designed to inspire leaders of the future, give them confidence in their own abilities and help them to embrace and overcome personal challenges both in school and beyond.

Claire Chisholm, Academic Depute, said: ‘We believe in doing all we can to help our young people reach their maximum potential and be as successful as they can be.

"In order to do this, we need to ensure our pupils are well equipped to face issues such as exam pressures and have self-belief and positive attitudes towards their learning.

"Learning how mindsets cannot only affect them now but also in the future not only equips them for the day to day rigours of school but also prepares them for a successful life beyond school."