AFTER the severe weather warnings issued by the Met Office earlier this week, what does the weather have in store for Helensburgh and Lomond this weekend?

Answer: well, no more weather alerts, for the time being at least. But according to the Met Office it will be cold throughout, with temperatures hovering at no more than a couple of degrees above freezing point on Friday night and throughout the day on Saturday.

Cloud cover throughout Saturday will give way to clear skies and some good spells of winter sun on Sunday, when temperatures will rise to the balmy (ish) heights of a maximum 5 degrees – though given the time of year, drivers on Sunday will need to be aware of the possibility of low sun glare.

Winds from the east, though not strong, will be enough to make it feel a few degrees below freezing on Saturday, though those wind speeds should die down on Sunday.

There's the possibility of some isolated showers in the early hours of Saturday and perhaps also on Sunday morning, though these are not expected to last.

Temperatures should rise a little more as Sunday gives way to Monday, though cloud cover is expected to return at the start of next week, with some more prolonged showers likely on Monday afternoon and evening.