CUSTOMERS of a window cleaning business based in Helensburgh are being warned to beware of a possible bogus money collector.

David Smith, partner at Lomond Window Cleaning, reported that an unknown man knocked on the front door of a property which had just been serviced in Baird Avenue, Helensburgh, last Wednesday showing a false business card and attempting to get money from the householder.

And Mr Smith said a second customer confirmed that somebody had approached them with the same fake ID looking for payment.

Mr Smith said: "Fortunately the customer pays via direct debit, otherwise she would have parted with money.

"The customer was able to obtain the business card and inform our operative but by this point the bogus collector had left the scene.

"Why someone would go to the trouble of getting fake cards in somebody else’s name is at present a mystery."

The incident comes after a pensioner in nearby Dumbarton was robbed of a four-figure sum by someone who turned up at his door claiming to want to check the windows of his home.

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Police Scotland has a simple safety guide for people looking to guard against doorstep crime, including the following tips...

* Be on guard if someone turns up unexpectedly

* Use a door chain or bar

* Always put the chain on before opening the door

* Keep it on while talking to callers

* Don’t feel embarrassed - genuine callers expect you to be careful

* If you don’t have a door chain, check from the nearest window. Remember, door chains can be easily fitted

* If you’re not sure, don’t answer the door

If you feel threatened, unsafe or suspicious of someone calling at your home, dial 999 immediately.

If you see something suspicious in your area, or want more advice about doorstep crime, call the police on 101, where you can also arrange a free security survey for your home.