A MEMORIAL tree planted in Hermitage Park in Helensburgh has been reported stolen.

The six foot tall tree, which was only planted last month, was ripped out of the ground and taken away at the weekend, according to the Friends of Hermitage Park.

The incident is the fifth theft of a tree from the park since work began on the facility's £3.3 million redevelopment.

It also follows incidents of vandalism in recent months at the park's new Passivhaus pavilion and at a newly-installed picnic bench.

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In a statement on social media, the Friends said that the police had been informed, and that a woman with a tree in a pram was seen near the park over the weekend, though it's not known if she was responsible for the theft.

In their statement, posted on the Helensburgh Hermitage Park Facebook page, the Friends said: "Five trees have been stolen from the park now, four of them memorial trees.

"The Friends continue fund raising for all the extras like the bandstand and rope bridge for the burn, but we need to spend money on replacing these trees, so it is a financial set back too.

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"Most of all we just feel completely disheartened and angry and these are memorial trees gifted to the park so imagine how the donors feel."

Anyone with information about the latest tree theft is asked to contact police in Helensburgh by calling 101.