LOMOND School in Helensburgh has launched a new scholarship initiative aimed at widening access to the school for talented young people.

To mark the school's 40th anniversary, 40 means-tested scholarships will be offered to young people from across Scotland and beyond who excel academically, musically, in the creative arts or in sport.

Also available is a special ‘all-rounder’ award in memory of the school’s founder and first principal, David Arthur, who died in December.

Mr Arthur, who was principal for almost ten years, successfully merged St Bride’s School for Girls and the boys’ Larchfield Academy in in 1977 and played an important role in the school’s 40th anniversary celebrations of last year.

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With a possible reduction of up to 50 per cent of school and boarding fees, pupils aged from nine to 18 are invited to apply by the deadline of March 29, 2019.

As a tribute to Mr Arthur, who made such a significant impact on the school, local community and national charities, the ‘all-rounder’ scholarship will be bestowed upon a candidate who will contribute to the life of the school in a range of ways.

Johanna Urquhart, principal of Lomond School, said: ‘As we celebrate the past 40 years of our school and look forward to the future, we are conscious of a desire to offer places to many more young people who may not ordinarily have the opportunity to attend Lomond School.

"These 40 new scholarships will do just that, and we are very excited to welcome talented young people from all backgrounds to our Lomond School family.

“Looking forward to the next 40 years, we must also reflect on our past and our traditions and an important part of that is the legacy of David Arthur. The ‘all-rounder’ scholarship will be a lovely way to celebrate his commitment to the school.”

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David Arthur’s daughter, Seonaid Brown, commented: "As a family we are tremendously proud of what our father achieved in his life, especially his legacy and the ethos he left at Lomond School.

"To have this scholarship in his name, is a great honour to him and I know he would have felt very proud but also very humbled by it."

For more information and to apply for one of the new scholarship places, visit lomondschool.com/admissions/scholarships/