WEST of Scotland MSP Ross Greer says Abellio should be "stripped of the ScotRail contract as soon as possible," as Scotland's most skipped railway stations of 2018 are revealed.

The Green MSP has called for trains to be brought back into public ownership after figures released this week revealed the extent of the stop-skipping problem across the country.

Drumry is at the top of the list, with three other stations on the line to Helensburgh - Singer, Dalreoch and Dumbarton East - appearing in the top 10.

Figures obtained from the Scottish Government by John Finnie MSP, the Scottish Greens’ transport spokesperson, show that in 2018, 2,131 incidences of stop skipping were recorded on ScotRail services, with ten stations being skipped on more than 100 occasions.

Cardross was skipped 60 times and Craigendoran 61 times, putting both stations amongst the most skipped by proportion of services.

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Ross Greer MSP said: “While these figures are much lower than 2017, reflecting ScotRail’s change of policy to now only skip stops as a last resort, this still shows how chaotic local rail services are and how far we have to go.

"Stop-skipping isn’t the cause of problems, it’s the result.

"The problems needing solved are a lack of staff, old trains prone to breakdown, single track lines which should be doubled and more.

"Ending stop-skipping without solving those just changes the problem to one of more late and cancelled trains."

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Mr Greer added: "It’s important to note that stop-skipping hasn’t been eliminated completely.

"People are still being left stranded or unable to make vital appointments.

"This is a particular outrage for disabled people who are left at stations without the facilities needed to meet their needs.

“Abellio need stripped of the ScotRail contract and our trains brought back into public ownership as soon as possible.

"More immediately and locally though, we need to invest in measures that’ll help trains run reliably, like re-dualling Westerton Junction, where trains frequently have to wait for late-running trains on the Milngavie line.”

The ten most skipped stations in 2018 were:

1. Drumry - 166

2. Anniesland - 158

3. Westerton - 142

4. Coatbridge Sunnyside - 122

5. Falkirk High - 119

6. Edinburgh Park - 107

7. Singer - 107

8. Dalreoch - 104

9. Cambuslang -102

10. Dumbarton East - 101