A HELENSBURGH resident has described how neighbours had to chase away youngsters attempting to rip a tree from its roots in the latest act of vandalism in the town.

Judith Cowley said a tree was pulled out of the ground in King’s Crescent on Friday, February 22, allegedly by a young boy who, along with two young girls, tried to pull another tree out but was stopped when confronted by angry members of the public.

The incident follows a report two weeks ago in the Advertiser on the theft of a memorial tree from Hermitage Park, while bespoke wooden bins have also been damaged within the park during its redevelopment project.

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Judith said: “Why do children want to spoil things?

“Lots of money was paid for all the trees in Helensburgh by a charitable trust and last night (Friday, February 22) one teenager decided to pull a tree down and tried to pull another one down.

“Fortunately, he was heard kicking the supports for the trees and chased away by one of the residents.

“Surely he should have a conscience and think before doing this.”

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Judith said the incident took place at around 10.30pm in the evening and the youths involved were chased off once residents were alerted to the commotion.

Police confirmed investigations are ongoing into the related incidents at Hermitage Park and advised anyone with any information to contact Helensburgh police station on 101.