HELENSBURGH was getting set to welcome some extreme sports to the town 15 years ago as the mountainboarding championships came to the Burgh.

Here's how we reported the exciting news on March 4, 2004.


HUNDREDS of people are set to flock to Helensburgh as a farm prepares to host a national extreme sports competition.

Drumfork Farm will be the venue for round four of the ABTA UK mountainboarding championships, which will attract competitors and spectators from across the country.

The event will be staged on July 24 - 25 and could provide a major boost for tourism in the Burgh.

Last year the farm played host to stage one of the first Northern Face ATB Scottish Mountainboarding Series.

The competition showcased the very best of Scotland’s mountainboarders and more than 300 people attended.

The UK equivalent is expected to attract ‘at least double’ the number of competitors and spectators who took part in that event.

Liz Howie, co-owner of AirFusion, the company behind the bid, said: “When we ran the Scottish series last year we said we’d be pleased if we got 100 and we ended up with 300.

“With this I think we’ll get at least double. The last competition I went to all the B&Bs in the area were booked up, caravans were being hired and everything. It’s going to be a big event.

“It is such a coup to be awarded an event like this. We’re really exhilarated to get something like that in Helensburgh.

“We have not even been running a year but have shown a high level of commitment to the sport and have been rewarded with a championship very early on.”