FIFTEEN years on from the opening of an exciting new play in Helensburgh, we take a look back at some of those involved in 2004.

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A NEW take on an ancient tale will be recreated for the first time in Helensburgh this month.

King Saul will have its ‘world premiere’ at the United Reformed Church at 7.30pm on Tuesday March 23 and Wednesday March 24.

The musical, performed by Helensburgh Players, retells the Bible story of King Saul’s rise and fall as the ruler of Israel and his meetings with Goliath who slayed David.

Peter Anderson, who wrote the music and lyrics, said: “It’s got romance, triumph, failure and fear. It’s all there.

“I admit it is a bit frightening because it is the first time this work will be performed, so I could end up with egg on my face.

“But everything is working really well, it’s good fun and we certainly have some good people playing the parts.”

Director Alison Holliman, who decided to stage the show as a play within a play performed by an Edwardian theatre group, said: “Everyone involved has been very committed and everything is going brilliantly.

"This is a story from the Bible that has been made really accessible to everyone.

"It’s not boring, it’s a good, fun piece of theatre.”