BREAKING down in a new car just after buying it and then failing to make it in time for the start of an important football game would be many people's idea of their worst nightmare.

And that's exactly what happened to Rhu goalkeeper Tommy Heron in 2009. Here's how we reported the story a decade ago...


A GOALKEEPER couldn’t save the day for his team despite a frantic bid to get to the match after his brand new car broke down.

Despite his efforts to get to the game before kick-off, Tommy Heron, who plays between the sticks for Rhu Amateurs, missed the first half as the team fell 3-1 behind.

The goalie dashed in, just in time for the second half but he was unable to prevent his side slumping to a 3-2 defeat.

Tommy, who has been with the club for five seasons, said: “I went to Perth at 10am on Saturday to pick up the car and I thought I had plenty of time to get drive to the game.

“But I had just travelled 15 miles when it broke down.

“I had to make a few calls including one to manager Bobby Dunn to tell him I was going to be struggling to get to the match on time.

“I then phoned the garage and they sent a courtesy car but it took them until one o’clock before they arrived which was an hour after I had phoned them. I was fretting quite a bit.

“When I got the courtesy car I hightailed it to the game as quickly as possible but I got caught up in traffic and didn’t get their till half-time.”